- The application form is filled for only new student registered for the first time in CUR.
- The registration form is filled for continuing students (already registered in CUR)

Audi et Aude
The CUR  informs all new applicants at the University for the Intake September 2018 that the beginning of admission/registration has started . Registration are done respectively at Alexis Kagame campus (SAVE) and TABA (TABA) campus during the working hours.

How to apply

CUR is accessible to anybody who complies with the admission conditions to higher education in Rwanda. Its doors are open to regular as well as to part-time student. All forms for application are available at the  bottom of this page.

Available Faculties
Please visit the link here

Programs offered

Day Program and Week-end Program.

Required documents
Each applicant will need to produce the following documents:
- A letter of application for admission addressed to Academic Registrar specifying one or two faculties/departments of his/her choice.
- A photocopy of a notarized Advanced General Certificate/Diploma of Secondary Education or an equivalent certificate/diploma recognized by Rwanda Education Board (REB) (1)
- A photocopy of a Senior Six Report of Secondary School (1)
- A medical report issued less than three months before the registration (1)
- A photocopy of Identity Card/ Passport (1)
- Two recent passport size photographs (2)
- A payment slip of 5 000 RFW non refundable for application fee

Registration fees are fixed at 28 000 RWF and annual tuition fees at 375 000 RWF payable in 4 installments on the Account Number:
00050 0329374 76 Bank of Kigali (BK).

- Accommodation and other facilities are available at Alexis KAGAME Campus (SAVE) and TABA Campus (TABA)

- For more details, donít hesitate to contact us at:

- Office of the Registrar, phone 0788460988
- Office of Dean of Student, phone 0788428711

Or visit Registrar's page at :

Monsignor Jean Marie Vianney GAHIZI

Following forms are to apply and to register for 2016-2017 academic year.


E-mail: catholic.university.rwanda@gmail.com
Tel. no: (cellphone) :
+250 788460988   Registrar
+ 250 788460526  Assistant of Registrar
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E-mail:  catholic.university.rwanda@gmail.com
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